Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang title sequence
Description: Titles sequence for the Nanny McPhee sequel. On this production we animated characters in 2D/Flash, then printed and cut them out, placing them within 3d paper model sets, where they were re-animated by replacing frames. The images below the clip are taken from scenes I animated.

Title Designer: Paul Donnellon
Senior Designer: Andrew White
Producer: David Z Obadiah
Associate Producer: Alice Dunseath
Model makers: Amy Burnand, Fiona Barty, Angela Kiely
3D Team: Ben Wheeler, Das Petrou
Animation: Harriet Gillian, Alice Dupre, Paul Donnellon, Maki Yoshikura, Roger Philips, Alice Dunseath, Michelle Salamon, Matt Partridge, Joyce Webb, Petra Stefankova, Roly Edwards
Compositing: Andrew White, Lucy Newman